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«Krasnoluchskaya» coal washing factory was put into operation in 1938 with a view to washing the coal produced at «Krasnoluchskaya» mine. The project and complex construction was carried out by «Alen-Garcia» (the USA) and Southmineproject.

During the War the factory was undergone to complete destruction. Having endured the protracted period of restoration, the Enterprise was put into operation in 1951. By 1961 the manufacture has been retrofited.

In 1968 the coal bunker with the unloading area of two chutes and conveyer for transporting the imported coal to the sizing plant were constructed whereupon no reequippment or modernization was performed for the long period of time . During the period of «perestroika» stability of the factory functioning was broken what caused the reduction of working places and the general decline of the manufacture.

By the moment of «Krasnoluchskaya» coal washing factory »JSC formation (the state registration of the JSC was carried out on September, 17th 2002 by the Krasnoluchskiy Executive Committee), operating repair of the basic technological machines and equipment had to be done. Reconstruction and restoration of a technological complex of the factory has been made.

In 2003 the program of «Technical reequipment and introduction of progressive technologies to the « Krasnoluchskaja» coal washing factory was started. Its adoption allowed the enterprise to take the leading positions in the region and to increase the quantity of workplaces by 30 %.

Today the enterprise is successfully functioning and stably increasing the volumes of manufacture. «Krasnoluchskaya» coal washing factory actively adapts to domestic market and establishes a reputation as a serious exporter in the process of cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe.
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